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Vacation Ch. 04
When they woke the next morning and were having breakfast they discussed what it was they would do for their last night together. John knew he had to think fast because he was not about to let this woman walk out of his life................. After spending the whole day after breakfast in bed making love off and on until the next morning John and Linda parted ways.
She was able to wait until she boarded the plane before she burst out in tears crying.
John sat on the plane and just thought back to what a wonderful time he had with Linda. How could he just walk away and let her go? Even though they exchanged numbers and addresses that still was just not enough for him. He fell into a deep sleep on the plane dreaming of the time he spent with her.
Later that evening after Linda had calmed she was just going to go to bed after finishing doing the dishes when her door bell rang. She open the door and was surprised to see John. She right away started to cry and he came in and grabbed her pulling her to him and kissed her hard.
Before she knew it he dropped his luggage and lowered her right then and there on the carpeted floor in the living room opening her robe and nearly ripped his pants open pushing them down and the next thing you heard was a scream when he rammed his hard cock deep inside of her. Every time he would hit the bottom of her ramming inside her she would let out a scream so he covered her mouth with his kissing her hard to quiet her.
She started to squirm and he pinned her down with his strong hands and body. It was not long after that he exploded with a fury inside of her. They kissed long and hard trying to calm down but the kiss was broken when they heard the sound of clapping. They had no idea they forgot to close the door and had a small audience of people watching them. Embarrassed Linda got up and closed her robe and then closed the door.
They laughed about it while he sat and had something to eat. He told her that he did not want to be without her. When his flight landed he got on the next plane to where she was. After eating they headed into the shower.
Once in the shower the heated passionate kissing started all over again. Linda kissed his neck and kissed his chest and all the way down until she reached his cock.
She squatted down and held to the back of his knees to steady herself and she then started to lick and tease the head of his cock with her tongue while he looked down and watched her. She then would suck it and he was very aroused watching his vanilla cock slide in and out of her chocolate lips. She would every so often let his cock slide almost out of her mouth and would just suck the head of it like it was a pacifier.
When she heard him moan and his body tense she knew he was close. So she sucked him as deep and hard as she could and when his cock swelled she pulled it out of her mouth and stroked it as they both watched thread after thread of his cum hit her face neck and breast. After he stopped shooting his load she moved up to him and kissed him deep.
He wanted to make her cum but she told him no that tonight was all about him. As they showered she stroked him right back to being hard. This woman had a mouth and hands you couldn't believe.
Once she got him nice and hard like she wanted him she reached over and got some baby oil and stroked his cock with it. She then moved and stood in front of him and bent over and held tight to her ankles. He knew he was going to take her in the ass. He took hold of her hip and placed his cock to her asshole and yanked her back and shoved his hips forward sending his cock deep in her ass. She cried out and tried to pull away but he just pulled her back to him harder.
She told him "fuck me John" and that is what he did non stop not giving her a chance to catch her breath from his deep thrusting until he exploded. As he was shooting his load into her he leaned down and kissed her back and neck. They were exhausted and finished their shower and got out and got into bed. They talked for a while holding each other until they fell to sleep.
Linda was the first to wake up in the wee hour of the morning. She got up quietly and went in to use the bathroom. She quietly got two panty hose out of her dresser and was careful and tied both his wrist to the bed posts. She got on him in a riding position and started kissing him and he woke up shocked and laughing that she tied him to the bed.
He looked up into her big brown eyes with his blue ones and whispered "fuck me baby". She looked at him and smiled and said "let me see if you are ready for me yet", and with that she moved down and started to suck his cock. He gave out a loud moan and she stood up and said "I don't think you are ready yet". She walked over to a chair in the corner of the room where he could clearly see her and she opened the drawer next to her and she took out a dildo.
Sliding to the edge of the chair she with him watching slid the dildo deep inside of her tight pussy moaning while she did so. She did this for quite some time before taking it out and sucking it. He was moving all over the bed but could not get his hands free. She got up again and said "let me see if you are ready yet". She walked over to him and mounted him not putting his cock in her but letting it rub up and down her pussy. She shook her head and said "no you still are not ready, almost but not yet".
Finally when she saw he was about to burst from watching her finger herself she got up and came to him and mounted him. She slid down slowly on his cock moaning because it was thick and long and hurt going inside of her. Once he was all the way inside of her she leaned down and kissed him while reaching above his hands to untie them.
Once he got his hands free she did not stand a chance he rolled her over on her back never pulling out of her and he fucked her like a madman. He fucked her so hard the head board of the bed banged the wall violently. He buried his tongue deep inside her mouth. She thought surely that he was going to go right through her and when she thought her body could take no more he rammed inside of her causing her to lose her wind and filled her with his seed.
Again they went to sleep in each others arms both dreaming what would be for breakfast or who would be for breakfast............................part 5 to follow............

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